Calgary Premiere, La Liste: Everything or Nothing

Come check out the first feature film from Sherpas Cinema in eight years!

Fresh Skis presents La Liste: Everything or Nothing

Friday, December 3rd - 7:00 pm MST

Globe Cinema, Calgary, AB

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In La Liste: Everything or Nothing, Jérémie Heitz and Sam Anthamatten venture to ski four of the world’s most impressive mountain ranges: the Swiss Alps, Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, Pakistan’s Karakoram range and the Tibetan Himalayas in their personal freeride style.

In an obvious progression from the original La Liste (released in November 2016), the duo set their sights on remote 6,000m peaks and attempt to ski the mind-blowing mountaineering lines in modern, aggressive ski fashion. In the original, Heitz took steep skiing in a direction we’d never seen before. At 26, he challenged himself to ski the most spectacular 4,000m peaks of the Alps at full speed with none of the classic deliberate jump-turns of generations past. 

jeremie heitz

Jeremie Heitz, Red Bull

Heitz stepped directly from skiing for the judges on the Freeride World Tour to the terrifying terrain of ski alpinism without slowing down, and the world of steep skiing is still trying to wrap its collective head around the repercussions. The way he attacked near-vertical ice faces made every cautious and tentative previous descent look silly. To quote the movie’s marketing, “The extreme peaks from back in the days are now freeriding faces.” 

“I want to push my skiing in a discipline that requires experience and a lot of knowledge by bringing an aggressive and fluid approach to these steep faces which has never been seen before”, says Jérémie. And that’s exactly what he did.

sam anthamatten

Sam Anthamatten, Red Bull

In the sequel to the genre-changing movie, Heitz teams up with mountain guide turned freeski standout Sam Anthamatten, and the team tries to push their approach to an even bigger arena. On expeditions worldwide, they find 6,000m mountain faces that are a clear step up from even their previous descents. 

Will it work? Will they once again make a mockery of ski mountaineers everywhere? Or will they find the sport’s limit and get shut down by the big mountains of the great ranges? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out, but we did get to talk to Calgarian and executive producer ofLa Liste: Everything or Nothing, Malcolm Sangster of Sherpas Cinema, about the film.

“It’s our first feature film since 2013.” He told us. “This one has been a battle. We had an accident at the beginning of the production that became a part of the film. And that was back in June 2018.”

The cinematography does a stunning job of capturing just how gnarly the mountains they attempt are. “I hope a lot of people appreciate that it’s an honest take on things,” Sangster says. “I think both Sam and Jeremy realized where the limit is.” That pushing to the outer reaches of what’s possible on skis seems to have left everyone involved a bit exhausted. We heard from a few people that the level of risk everyone was accepting for this project was taxing, and Malcolm admits it, “Everyone was pretty burnt out by the end.”

When you watch the film, you’ll understand why this film took years to create. Originally it was planned as a fall 2020 release, but gruelling expeditions, accidents, and a pandemic all took their toll. At points, you can hear the regret in Jeremie’s voice for some of their decisions. It makes for a raw and honest movie that’s coupled with awe-inspiring ski action.

“I think people are ready for a film like that.” Malcolm continues, “They basically said, ‘We pushed to the limit. And we found it.’” But you can see that there were fun times as well, powder skiing at Mica Heliskiing, for example. 

Malcolm remembers another fun day, “I skied around The Lake with those two for a day, and they were just charging, just skiing so fast.” Malcolm, a lifelong Lake Louise charger, says, “I had to rein it in, or I would have gotten hurt.” The crew also skied Aemmer couloir but likely due to a lack of Parks Canada permits for filming, none of us will get to see how that went. Too bad, too; we can imagine how impressive it would be to see those two shred such a Rockies classic.

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Local content.

This is an international film with a local connection. The principal members of the now famous movie-making team, Sherpas Cinema, were all born and raised in Calgary. When they were just starting out, we didn’t know that they would have such a significant imprint on skiing and action movies, but Fresh was lucky enough to sponsor the Sherpas’ first two big ski movie releases, Into the Mind and All.I.Can.

The late JP Auclair was a massive part of those films, and Malcolm remembers the early Calgary and Fresh connection still, “JP Auclair connected us in the early days. JP and Steve were close. I remember for Into the Mind, when JP came to Calgary to scout for the night skiing. I remember us going for beer with Steve and talking about Fresh involvement for Into the Mind.”

Recently moved back to Calgary, Malcolm still feels a connection with those times and people, “I still remember JP and I driving around Calgary for days trying to find features. That was my most dedicated one-on-one time with him, driving around finding different features in Calgary. I get reminded of it when I drive around the city now.”

Here's a great article on the Sherpas and their friends formative years skiing Lake Louise.