Checklists for Every Ski Day

Never forget anything and get the most out of your ski days.

Ever get to the resort and realize that you forgot your ski boots? Ever see that guy skiing around with socks on his hands because he forgot his gloves? If you just remember to look at these lists, you'll be set up for great ski days all winter. The hut and tent based lists are very dependant on your location and itinerary, but this is a good start. Enjoy your day!!

-Resort Days-


-Ski Boots

-Poles (adjustable are nice for touring but far from necessary)

-Ski Jacket

-Ski Pants



-Gloves or Mitts

-Ski Socks

-Delirium Dive/Slackcountry-

All the above plus:


-Ski Straps (invaluable when gear breaks and when carrying skis on your backpack)

Essential Rescue Gear:

-Avalanche Transceiver

-Avalanche Probe

-Avalanche Shovel

-Ski Touring-

ski touring fortress

All the above plus:

-Touring Boots and Skis with Touring Bindings

-Backpack (30-35L pack is usually ideal for most skiers)

-Climbing Skins


-Base Layer Top (Lightweight synthetic or wool. NO COTTON)

-2nd Top Layer (Lightweight fleece or windshirt)

-Base Layer Bottom


-Light Soft Shell or Wind Breaker Jacket (Great for uphill travel)

-Insulated Jacket (Light-midweight, synthetic or down jacket)

-Hard or Softshell Ski Pants (weather dependant)

-Hard Shell Jacket (to layer with insulated jacket)

Hands and Head:

-Light Gloves (for exerting on the uphill)


-Sun Glasses

-Sun Hat


-Lip Protection/Sun Screen

-Food (with emergency snacks)

-Water (1-2 litres is pretty normal)


-Hand/Foot Warmers


Group Gear:

-Satellite communications (InReach/SPOT/other brands)

-Tarp (5x8ft Sil Tarp to protect from the elements and help in emergencies)

-First Aid Kit (with blister kit and pain killers)

-Repair Kit (multi-tool, tape, zip ties, spare batteries, etc)

-Glacier Skiing and Mountaineering-

All the above plus:

-Harness (skiers like lightweight harnesses with legs that open)

-Rope (60m or 2x30m ropes, Single, Half or Twin rated and dry treated)

-Cordelette (5m for prussik knots by 5-7mm: dependant on the diameter of your rope)

-Cordelette (2m by 5mm or Hollow Blok for backup prussiks)

-Sewn Sling (120cm or bigger for anchors)

-Carabiners; 1 Triple Actions Locking with "captive eye" for clipping into harness (or use a standard locking carabiner paired with a non-locker), 2 x locking biners, 4 x non-locking biners (ideally 2 are identical for Garda Hitches)

-Ice screw (If you are only buying one, make it a long one for V-threads)

-Micro Traction


-Hut Trips-

sentry lodge

This on really depends on the hut but here are some ideas.

All the above plus:

-Sleeping Bag (0C to -10C)

-Mattress Pad (dependant on hut)

-Comfy Hut Wear

-Hut Shoes (Down booties, crocs, flip flops, etc)


-Hand Sanitizer

-Ear Plugs

-Towel (Nice for post sauna or quick rinse at hut)


-Phone Charger (and battery pack?)

-Tent Ski Trips-

ski tent

All the above plus:

-Warmer Sleeping Bag

-Stove, Fuel

-Utensils, Pot, Cup

-Big Down Jacket