Fresh XX Limited Edition Ski by Armada

To help celebrate 20 years of Fresh, we’ve teamed up with Armada to create a unique ski - only available at Fresh Skis. Think ARV JJ, but even more versatile.  It’s the ski many of us have always wanted; still playful, but now more directional. Its a 182 cm all-mountain charger with the effective edge of a 192 cm ARV 116 JJ. These limited editions are a true powder ski with enough side-cut to carve trenches on groomers.

Available in 2 different versions - Only 20 of each will be released to the public.

The lightweight (UL) Caruba core version for those wanting to take Fresh to the backcountry or spin unshackled.


The traditional Poplar Ash core version to rip powder days, slushy days or any day with more oomph.


Core: 182 cm Regular Core Red Sidewall


182 cm 139 116 135 19 m


AR75 Sidewall Sidewalls provide improved edge pressure under the boot, while cap constuction in the tip and tail provides smooth turn initiation and less hookiness - 75% sidewall, 25% cap.
UL Caruba Core
(White Sidewall)
Armada's lightest wood species creates the best up-hill feel while retaining the power and dampness required in descending the gnarliest of terrain. This core makes no concessions in performance in its quest to be ultra-light.
Poplar Ash Core
(Red Sidewall)
Lightweight Poplar is combined with higher density full-length Ash stringers to create an impossibly lively ski that has all the power needed for boosting to new elevations.
Modified AR Freestyle Rocker Rockered tips, non-rockered tails and positive camber under foot to allow the ski to charge with ease through unpredictable snow and maintain a solid carve when asked to do so.
S7 Base Durable and low maintenance, with a speed additive for quickness.
1.7 Impact Edge Light and strong, these heat-treated edges effect the feel of the ski minimally to ensure a snappy, lightweight feel for the skis.
Smear Tech A uniquely 3D Beveled base in the tip and tail creates a unique feel in all snow conditions. Less likely to catch in crud, self-centering in deep snow and un-catchable on take-offs, Smear Tech lets you float effortlessly whether sliding forwards, backwards, left or right.
Laminate Matrix A directional layering of fiberglass dictates the flex pattern and torsional rigidity to create the ultimate in quick response, forgiving and lively skis.

Armada Fresh XX Limited Edition Ski Side Shot